Knowing what to include in your last will and testament is only part of the big picture. You’ll also need to know what shouldn’t be included in the will. When you talk to a probate lawyer in Walterboro, SC, this will be an important part of the conversation. Here are some guidelines from The Curry Law Firm.

  1. Gifts to pets –  We’ve all heard stories about the deceased leaving behind assets to their beloved pets. However, you cannot leave your pet property in the same way as you’d leave it to a human. As an alternative, you can leave property or gifts for whomever will care for your pet after you’re gone.
  2. Funeral instructions – Funeral arrangements are usually handled before any legal proceedings. If your wishes are included in your will, your family might not discover them until your funeral has concluded. Try to talk with your family in advance about what you want to happen at your funeral.
  3. Conditions on gifts – Avoid putting conditions on gifts, as this creates complications. Some judges may not even recognize your conditions as legal.
  4. Care conditions for those with special needs – Arranging care plans for loved ones with disabilities is both possible and necessary – but you should not include this information in your will. There are other legal methods that are more appropriate for these plans.

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