If you’ve been arrested for DUI, you might be tempted to represent yourself. However, that could prove to be a costly mistake. Criminal defense attorneys can make all the difference in your case. Here are five things a DUI attorney in Walterboro, SC can do for you that you might not be able to do for yourself.

  1. Represent you—and keep you from incriminating yourself: In general, it’s a good idea to avoid situations where the prosecutors have the opportunity to grill you directly. A good DUI attorney will be able to advise you on whether taking the stand in your own defense is in your best interest.
  1. Know the local courts: DUI lawyers will likely be far more familiar and comfortable with the courtroom than you. They’ll have the advantage in dealing with judges, juries, other lawyers, and legal procedures.
  1. Keep track of filing deadlines: Your attorney will stay on top of what needs to be filed with the courts and when. This is critical for your case, as missing a filing deadline can keep you from getting evidence you need for your defense, such as police dashcam footage.
  1. Negotiate with prosecutors: Experienced DUI attorneys often spend considerable effort building relationships with local prosecutors. They’re able to negotiate effectively and make deals on your behalf. For example, they may try to obtain a reduced or alternate sentence. If you don’t have representation, the prosecutors may not even give you the chance to negotiate.
  1. Help expunge a conviction: DUI convictions can negatively impact your credit and even your employment prospects. A DUI lawyer may be able to help remove the conviction from your record so it won’t hang over you in the future.

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