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A Probate Lawyer Can Help You With Some of Life’s Toughest Decisions

It’s hard to think about what will happen to your family after you’re gone. However, planning now for the future—including the unexpected—is the best way to make sure the people you love are taken care of. While these can be difficult decisions, you don’t have to make them on your own. A probate lawyer can help.

The Curry Law Firm assists clients with probate court matters in Walterboro, North Charleston, Charleston, Summerville, and surrounding areas of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Our attorneys offer compassionate legal counsel for these and other sensitive matters. We look forward to helping you make sure your family and your property is taken care of, no matter what happens.

  • Wills: A will communicates your wishes for how your property should be distributed after you pass away.
  • Estates: Your estate is made up of all your assets.
  • Probate: The probate process handles the distribution of your assets, either with a will or without one.
  • Conservatorships: A judge appoints someone to manage the financial and legal matters of someone with mental or physical limitations.
  • Guardianship: A guardian has the ability to make legal decisions for someone who isn’t capable of doing so on their own.
  • Drug courts: Drug courts address substance abuse issues to help people overcome their addictions and avoid criminal behavior.
  • Mental health courts: Mental health courts work to help keep people safe and manage their mental health conditions so they can hopefully stay out of the criminal justice system.
  • Powers of attorney: A power of attorney is a document that gives one person the authority to make business, financial, or legal decisions for someone else.
  • Healthcare powers of attorney: A healthcare power of attorney is a document that gives one person the authority to make healthcare decisions for someone else.
  • Trusts: Trusts are a way to manage your estate. You may be able to avoid going through probate if your assets are held in trust.
  • Deeds of distribution: A deed of distribution allows the personal representative of the deceased to distribute their property.
  • Quiet title petitions: A quiet title petition can be filed in the courts if someone wants to dispute the way property is distributed from an estate.
  • Determination of heirs: This process is used in special circumstances when over ten years have passed after someone’s death. This petition will determine who has the appropriate claim to the deceased’s property.
  • Heirs’ property issues: Sometimes heirs have disputes over how property is distributed. A probate lawyer will help mediate the dispute so the best results can be achieved for all concerned.

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