The list of damages an individual can suffer from in a personal injury case is extensive. Considering this, it’s important to discuss your compensation options following a filed claim. A reliable personal injury lawyer will assist you in negotiating a settlement so that you’ll get just compensation for what you’ve suffered. Here at The Curry Law Firm, we want our clients to know more about this process. Here are three general steps you’ll typically take when negotiating an injury settlement:

Step 1: The Letter

As the victim, you must determine an appropriate amount of compensation. This can be difficult to calculate on your own, which is why getting a personal injury lawyer is essential. These professionals can help you accurately determine what is owed to you following the incident, then communicate this amount to the other party. In this letter, your lawyer will typically suggest a maximum compensation amount.

Step 2: The Response and Counteroffer

Next, an insurance adjuster will review your request for compensation. They will contact your lawyer about any concerns they have about your claim, such as any doubts about liability. After hearing your response, the adjuster will likely deliver a counteroffer that’s lower than your requested amount.

Step 3: The Legal Dance

Now comes the “legal dance,” so to speak. You, along with your lawyer, will go back and forth between offers until you finally accept one. If an acceptable offer isn’t brought forward, you may decide to take your case to trial.

You deserve a fair personal injury settlement for your claim. Speak with a personal injury lawyer at The Curry Law Firm today.