It’s never a good feeling to know that you need legal help. Hiring an attorney is a sign that something’s happened or gone wrong. Although any legal action is stressful, this is especially true for cases involving relationships between members of a family. If you’re facing a situation that involves your spouse, children, your parents, or other family relationships, you need a family law attorney.

A family law attorney handles many different types of cases. Here are just a few of the legal issues they can help you address:

  • Divorce: The end of a marriage brings up many different emotions. An experienced divorce lawyer can assist with division of property, child custody, and other related issues.
  • Alimony: Alimony, also known as spousal support, occurs when one spouse makes financial payments to the other following a divorce. An alimony attorney will look at your case, determine what is fair, and make sure your best interests are represented in court.
  • Child support: A child support lawyer will help establish payments from one parent to another. These payments may be used to take care of the child’s needs, including doctor’s visits, clothing, housing, food, and educational costs.
  • Domestic violence: A family law attorney will help protect you if you’re a victim of domestic violence. They’ll make sure you get a restraining order if needed. They’ll also advise you on how these incidents factor into claims for divorce or child custody.

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