The goal of any child custody case is to make sure a child’s well-being and health are provided for in a secure home. If you’re going through a divorce, separation, or other situation where you need the terms of custody to be legally defined, it’s time to call a family law attorney in the Charleston or Summerville, SC area. At The Curry Law Firm, we want to start by helping you understand the different types of child custody.

  • Sole custody means that there will be one main parent or guardian who will have complete physical and legal custody of the child. While the other parent may have limited visitation rights, he or she cannot make decisions regarding the child’s life or well-being.
  • Physical custody determines which parent the child will live with. Joint physical custody means the child or children will divide their time and visits equally between both parents.
  • Legal custody means that a parent or guardian has both the right and capability to make legal decisions for the children. Joint legal custody gives both parents an equal voice when it comes to any and all decisions involving the child.

Over time, your custody needs may change. You may decide that you want the other parent or guardian to have either more or less time with your child. If this or any other disputes arise between the parties, a family law attorney will help you work out the terms and conditions in court rather than on your own.

Do you need the assistance of a family law attorney to help with your child custody case? Give The Curry Law Firm a call and let us fight for what’s best for your son or daughter. Our family law firm serves Charleston, Summerville, and surrounding areas of South Carolina. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.