To say that auto accidents are scary is an understatement. Even minor accidents can leave you breathless, disoriented, or injured. As you try to understand what happened, you may not know what to do. A personal injury lawyer knows what steps should be taken during and after a wreck. The Curry Law Firm has four tips on what you should do following an auto accident:

  1. Get to safety – If you’re able to move your vehicle, get to a safe area and stay there. If you can get out of the car, get out. Your safety is the most important thing. Staying in or near a damaged car can be dangerous since a fire could result from the damage.
  2. Call the police – Next, call the police. You will want to file a police report and have an officer investigate what happened. This will be essential for determining who’s responsible for the wreck.
  3. Get the medical attention you need – Even if you feel that the accident was minor, get evaluated by a medical professional. In some cases, due to either shock or the time it takes for injuries to present themselves, you may not immediately feel pain. Lots of auto accident injuries develop within a few days following the incident. You will need medical documentation to prove that the accident caused you physical or emotional harm.
  4. Contact a personal injury attorney – When you are able, call a personal injury lawyer. Having a legal expert review your personal injury claim from an auto accident is the best way to make sure you receive appropriate compensation for what you’ve experienced.

To speak with a personal injury lawyer in the North Charleston area, call the Curry Law Firm. Our attorneys will review your auto accident case and give you the legal guidance you need.