When it comes to matters of family law, you want to work with an attorney who’ll treat your situation with respect and sensitivity. You also want a lawyer who’s convenient to your location, since issues like divorce, child custody, and visitation rights, require attention for an ongoing period of time. If you live downtown, which family lawyer in Charleston, SC is right for you? The Curry Law Firm has four steps to help you find a downtown Charleston family lawyer for your case.

  1. Research local firms – Research downtown Charleston divorce lawyers or those that specialize in family law. Make sure that the lawyer can handle your particular matter.
  2. Contact them and ask questions – Contact the firms you’re interested in. Ask about their fees and inquire about their case success rates.
  3. Take note of how they communicate – When speaking with a family lawyer in Charleston, take account of how they listen and respond to your questions. You’ll want to work with some one who communicates clearly and gives you all the facts you need to know.
  4. Ask for a list of referrals – Ask for a list of current or former clients you can contact. Reach out to hear first-hand about their experiences working with the downtown Charleston divorce lawyer you’re considering.

When you need a family lawyer in Charleston, SC to help you, contact The Curry Law Firm. Our attorneys will handle your family legal matters with care and attention. We’re just a short drive from anywhere in Charleston, Summerville, Walterboro, and North Charleston, and surrounding areas.