Been arrested for a DUI? You’re not alone. Just under one percent of licensed drivers in the United States are picked up for driving under the influence each year. If you’re looking for a DUI attorney in Walterboro, SC to help you with your case, take these steps to make sure you choose the one who’s right for you.

  1. Come up with a list of candidates. Ask friends and family, as well as attorneys you’ve hired for other matters, for their personal recommendations. You can also find attorneys through your state’s bar association or an attorney referral service.
  2. Figure out which attorneys from your list are qualified for your case. Make sure any DUI attorney you consider has a clean and ethical record, as well as experience and training handling DUI cases. It’s also a good idea to hire locally. A local lawyer will know how the courts in your area work and may have established relationships with the judges and prosecutors involved in your case.
  3. Meet any remaining candidates to discuss your case in person. Be upfront about the facts, and don’t hold back. Your attorney needs to know the whole truth in order to give you the best advice. Bring any documents related to the case with you.
  4. How comfortable are you? During the meeting, you’ll want to find out how the attorney will handle your case. But you’ll also want to determine how comfortable you’ll be working with them. It’s important that they’re confident and good communication skills. It’s vital that you’re able to trust them, too. If you don’t trust your attorney, it will make everything more difficult down the line.
  5. Finally, consider the fees. Any good lawyer will lay out their fee structure in advance in a written contract. They should be willing and able to explain what the fees cover, as well as any circumstances that could increase your costs.

Compare the results from your research and interviews, then choose to work with the lawyer who best meets the above requirements.

If you need a DUI lawyer in Walterboro, SC, call The Curry Law Firm. Eduardo K. Curry has the experience as a criminal defense attorney to help you the best possible results. Call today to schedule an appointment.