The assistance of a probate attorney in Charleston, SC is typically needed during some of life’s most challenging times. This makes it even more important to work with a probate lawyer near you. Today, The Curry Law Firm would like to discuss some circumstances that may require a probate attorney’s experience:

  • Family altercations – If a family member is unhappy with how the estate is being handled, discord and strife may ensue. Often when this happens, wills are contested, impacting both the estate and the deceased’s wishes. The result could be that money or other assets are kept from their intended purposes. A probate attorney helps the estate’s administrator by making sure the deceased’s desires are fulfilled.
  • Inability to satisfy monetary debt – If the deceased’s estate owes more to creditors than it has actual assets, an administrator can have a difficult time determining who has priority. A probate lawyer will study the matter and provide legal assistance to the family as the matter is resolved.
  • Estate business, LLC, or sole proprietorship matters – Depending on the assets an estate holds, complications can range from large to small. Companies have additional laws with which they must comply. An estate’s administrator would be wise to seek the legal counsel of a probate attorney if any type of business is involved.

Do you need a probate attorney in Charleston, SC? Call The Curry Law Firm. We’re here to help you find the best solutions for your family’s particular situation.