As you look for a personal injury lawyer near you, you’ll want to sit down for a consultation. At this point, you’ll need to bring some important information so the attorney will be able to properly evaluate your case. The Curry Law Firm has a list of items you should bring with you to this meeting.

  • Police reports. Did you file a police report following the incident? If so, please bring this report with you to the meeting.
  • Insurance information. Your lawyer will want to review your insurance policy to see what’s included in your coverage. Bring your policy information with you to your consultation.
  • Medical records. Medical records play in important role in your case. Make a list of your medical providers and a list of procedures performed. Bring invoices and any other records you think may be helpful to your case.
  • Other receipts connected to the incident. Any expenses tied to the accident should be shown to your attorney. For example, the cost of any car repairs that were needed after a vehicle accident.

There may be other information your attorney would like to review. Please collect this information as requested and provide it as quickly as possible.

To schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer near you, call The Curry Law Firm.