No one wants to think about death. However, making plans today can affect many important aspects of our loved ones’ lives after we’ve passed. Many people will suggest that you create a last will and testament as part of this process. But is this something that’s absolutely necessary? The probate attorney in Charleston, SC at The Curry Law Firm wants you to consider the following things.

A will gives you sole discretion over asset distribution.

A will gives you the final say on how your estate is handled. You have control over how your assets are distributed. Without a will, it’s left up to your family or business partners to make these decisions. This can cause confusion or even legal troubles.

A will makes things easier for your family.

A loved one’s passing is a traumatic time for any family. Having a will to guide them through the process of handling your estate. Without a will, you may add unneeded stress to an already difficult situation.

A will allows you to donate to charities.

Many people want to use their estates to provide for charitable organizations. A will allows you to direct how you’d like these donations to be made.

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