Your child is your world, your pride, and your joy. Sadly, sometimes you have to fight to keep them in your life. Before you begin the court battle to gain custody for your child, there are some steps you should take to keep you calm and clearheaded for your case. Today, the child custody attorney at The Curry Law Firm wants to share several steps you can take in order to prepare for your child custody hearing.

  • Create a parenting plan – Draft a basic parenting plan for when you’re with your kids. Include meal plans, homework plans, and activity plans. Listing anything and everything you’ll be doing with your kids is valuable information to share with your attorney and the mediator.
  • Learn and understand the mediation process – Study up on your state’s laws and mediation process. Every state has different requirements so make sure you are following yours to the letter. If you’re confused, ask your family law attorney to help clarify the situation.
  • Meet with the mediator – Have a good and positive attitude when you meet with the mediator. Listen to all the concerns and try to compromise with the mediator. Show them your parenting plan and discuss all options for the care of your child.
  • Be at the hearing – Verify your hearing date and court time. Set reminders, be there early, or do whatever you have to do – just be absolutely sure that you’re present and on time.

Remember, if you’re well prepared, you have a greater chance of winning partial or full custody. You also have higher odds if you hire an experienced family law attorney like those at The Curry Law Firm. If you need guidance from an expert child custody attorney in Summerville or Downtown Charleston, please call our law firm today. You can rely on our lawyers to be dedicated and committed to your case, doing all they can to help you get custody of your child.