When you meet with a probate attorney to discuss your will and other estate planning matters, your lawyer will probably ask if you’re interested in a living will. What is this document and what legal authority does it carry? The Curry Law Firm has an overview.

What is a living will?

A living will communicates your wishes for care should you be unable to speak for yourself. Patients who lose consciousness due to a terminal illness, coma, or injury will be unable to state whether they want life support or other extreme measures taken to save their lives. A living will may be part of a larger care plan called an advance healthcare directive.

Why should you get one?

With this document, medical professionals and family members are legally obligated to abide by your wishes. If you have strong feelings about the way you wish to be cared for in these difficult circumstances, it’s best to communicate these details to a probate attorney. Working with a lawyer means you’ll have all scenarios covered and appropriately documented.

To learn more about living wills and advance healthcare directives, contact The Curry Law Firm. Our probate attorney in Charleston, SC will meet with you to discuss your plans and wishes.