Going through a divorce can be emotionally tough. Figuring out custody, child support, and distribution of property can be downright exhausting, especially when you’re facing your spouse one-on-one. If there’s fighting or disagreements that appear to be going nowhere, your family law attorney might bring up the option of mediation. But what is mediation and how exactly can it help you? At The Curry Law Firm, we want you to know why this may be a viable option for your case.

  • What is mediation? – Also known as “assisted negotiation,” mediation is a type of negotiation process in which a mediator or another individual is present in the room to help with communication between both parties. The goal is to guide those involved to some sort of agreement. This process is commonly used by divorce lawyers. There are different types of mediation:
    • Voluntary – In this type of mediation, the client can leave at any point in time during the discussion for any or no reason.
    • Collaborative – This is a type of mediation that requires dutiful effort from both parties to work together and collaborate on a solution that works for everyone involved.
    • Informed  – Both parties are allowed to obtain and use legal information and evidence about the other and can present the information at the discussion.
    • Confidential – Your mediation meeting and any information or materials presented by either party will be completely confidential. This information cannot be used in court or in other legal proceedings.
    • Neutral/balanced – The mediator will be responsible for both parties, not just one – and at no point can they offer any trace of favoritism towards either side. The role of the mediator is to present a balanced and unbiased solution for everyone involved in the process.

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